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By MindBody-Admin | In Uncategorised | on March 16, 2020

We know its an uncertain time for people right now, but we just want to remind our members and put them at our ease that Mind & Body is open for business as usual.

We are monitoring the situation and for any changes that may need to be taken.

It’s also important to not suddenly stop workouts as this can lead to a change in the immune and to keep healthy you want to keep a healthy routine.

To ensure the gym maintains its already high standard of cleanliness, we now have more sprays and sanitiser available, added antibacterial soaps so make sure to wash hands frequently for 20 seconds, and to spray and wipe all equipment before and after use.

Stay hydrated by bringing a water bottle, eat healthily, take vitamins and to train, remember to BRING A TOWEL.


Current health advice as seen on by Professor Brendan Murphy:


Okay, sorry to press on this but people are wanting some specifics. You’re saying it’s okay to go to the cinema today. What about the gym?


I think the gym is fine. But everybody at the moment needs to practice very good hygiene, so if you’re going to the gym I would be very focused on handwashing, using hand sanitisers, all of those social distancing, good hygiene measures, we want everybody in the community to start practising those and to start thinking about how we will do social distancing in future.


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