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Benefits of Personal Training

At Mind & Body, our personal trainers develop a relationship with each individual, offering guidance, programming and nutritional advice and plans. 

Personal trainers are a fantastic addition to anyone's health and fitness regime. They take the thinking out of your training session, provide ongoing motivation and direction, and continue to work with you well after your training session is over.

Whether you're new to exercise or a more experienced gym-goer, there's always something new to get out of your session with a personal trainer. They'll challenge you where you don't challenge yourself, but best of all they'll have you getting the results you're after.

Personal Training pricing

  • 30 MINUTES
  • $58
  • One on one
  • 45 MINUTES
  • $76
  • One on one
  • 1 HOUR
  • $93
  • One on one
  • 2PP x 1 HOUR
  • $116
  • 2 people
  • GROUP x 1 HOUR
  • $250
  • 6 - 10 people

8 Reasons to Personalise your Training

  1. Decrease Stress Levels and Improve Sleep
    Research has shown that physical exercise is the best tension reliever. It is a very important remedy for stress and sleep improvement.

  2. Assist with Work/Life Balance
    It creates time in your day that is 100% about you. Doing something for yourself is a powerful tool to help balance all the responsibilities in your life.

  3. Motivation
    A personal trainer will be there to motivate and push you every step of the way.

  4. Reduce Body Fat
    If exercise is done properly then faster fat burning can be achieved. Train your muscles to raise your resting metabolic rate and successfully keep your body fat level down or stable.

  5. Improve Confidence & Self Esteem
    Feeling good about your body will increase your confidence and self-esteem, making you a more positive individual.

  6. Nutritional Guidance & Safe Instruction
    Personal trainers offer continuous nutritional advice and provide safe instruction.

  7. Get Up-to-Date Information
    Personal trainers are always seeking out dynamic and improved exercises to ensure training sessions are never boring.

  8. Sport Specific Training
    Personal trainers tailor programs to help athletes across all sporting areas. Pre-season, post-season, for maintenance and throughout the season.





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