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Mind & Body Health Solutions

We believe the mind and body must be in sync for better results. To achieve this we follow a simple 3-step process to assess and enhance your health.

Step 1. GBX Bio Scan




If you’re looking to make genuine progress with your health and fitness, it makes sense to have a clear picture of your starting point. Using innovative and powerful technology, Mind & Body’s GBX bioscanner gives you crystal clear information about your current fitness level.

The scanner uses an electrical signal to test the amount of body fat, muscle, bone and water in your body. The scan is super quick and easy, and provides a written report summarising your current physical state.

Once you have a clear idea of your fitness level, you can tailor your dietary and exercise plan to meet your goals. Clients typically get great value out of completing scans at four- or six-week intervals. This amount of time allows you to really focus on quality eating and exercise habits to generate results.

Get in touch with the helpful team at Mind & Body to book in for a bioscan and get real about your health and fitness!

Step 2. Nutrition Plan


Following the scan, you are given a nutrition consultation to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current eating patterns. When it comes to your physical wellbeing, diet is just as important as exercise so we make sure you have the right information and start developing good  habits from the beginning.

Information gleaned from the bioscan is used to design a nutrition plan together with knowledge of your specific health and fitness goals. The consultation includes advice around strategies and tools on how to be organised and accountable with your eating so that you are holistically working towards getting the results you desire.

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Step 3. Tailored Training Program


Finally, based on discussions around your personal goals, lifestyle demands and any lagging areas identified in the bioscan results, an exercise program is designed by one of our experienced trainers. From rehabilitation, to weight loss to sport-specific training, the exercise component of your health solution is personalised upon joining and updated on an ongoing basis, to keep you improving on the inside and out.

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Get in touch with the helpful team at Mind & Body to book in for a Bioscan and get real about your health and fitness!


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